Injections & Sculpting

The role of anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections is to relax wrinkle causing muscles, thereby softening and preventing the development of expression lines, creating a smooth and rejuvenated appearance.

Dermal fillers restore and plump areas of depleted volume, soften facial contours and rejuvenate the facial appearance. Dermal fillers may also be used in younger clients to enhance or define areas  of facial attractivness.


Refresh and rejuvenate the skin you are in.


Donna Black

Registered Nurse | Cosmetics Injector | Dermal Therapist


Donna is a registered nurse with extensive experience in the industry , both in Australia and the UK with certification in anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers.

Donna is realistic in her approach and strives to achieve a natural result for her clients, by applying the most up-to-date techniques, that are based on research and evidence based practice. She is committed to ongoing education and professional development, to ensure her clients receive the best result and highest standard of care.

Because everyone has different needs and concerns a thorough consultation is conducted to ensure that each client’s treatment is individually tailored to meet their specific needs.

The overall result is beautifully smooth and refreshed appearance of your skin.

 We offer a full range of cosmetic injectables with our Cosmetic Nurse – Donna.

These treatments include clinical applications to help with conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), gummy smiles, teeth grinding and migraines. We also offer a full suite of Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Filler for anti aging of the face, neck and hands, injectable rhinoplasty and double chin/ fat dissolving treatments.

As injectables are a prescribed product we are unable to provide a general quote. We invite you to book an in-depth consultation with Nurse Donna, to discuss your specific concerns and needs in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

We are a clinic. This means we are a member of a governed network of Doctors, Nurses and Clinical Professionals. We use only premium, industry leading products and our health practices and hygiene standards are second to none. Being a member also ensures that all our techniques and procedures are consistently updated, and ensures we are offering the most advanced prescriptives and procedures currently available within the industry. All our treatments are strictly governed and approved by doctors.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

  • Frown line – from $200
  • Forehead lines- from $100
  • Crows feet (around the eyes) from $150 

Dermal Fillers

  • Lips ranging from $300 
  • Cheeks – from $450
  • Fine lines around lips and lower face $300

Body Sculpting

Permanent Fat reduction and cellulite treatment

Costs and times for Endermology Body Sculpting can vary from Client to client and for different areas of the face and body.

Please arrange a no obligation consultation for more information and a tailored treatment package price.



from our lovely customers

Thank you so much. I felt like I was floating on air after being pampered in your shop yesterday. I will be recommending your magic hands to everyone.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick-Hannaford

Lovely treatment. Thank you, perfect end to my holiday.

Claire Varnham-Harrison

The ladies at Avoca are super friendly and knowledgeable. I booked very short notice and enjoyed my facial greatly. Great local salon to have not far from home!

Katie Spelta

SHR – Super Hair Reduction Laser

SHR technology is 100% pain free. The skin is heated gently, at a higher frequency. Because the heat applied to the skin is more gradual and gentler, it results in less trauma on the skin and is suitable for everyone, no matter the skin tone and even those with sensitive skin. Both coarse and fine hairs are targeted, and the removal process is more thorough and longer lasting.

  • Lip - $20
  • Chin - $20
  • Lip and Chin - $30
  • Underarm - $30
  • Bikini - $55
  • Bikini and Underarm - $65
  • Brazilian - $65
  • Brazilian and Underarm - $75
  • Half Leg - $150
  • Full Leg - $180
  • Half back - $125
  • Full back - $180
  • Chest (Male) - $120
  • Pre treatment shave - from $25
  • Skin consult and patch - Free

Packages available


  • Ranging from XX Small Tattoo (2cm x 2cm) - from $90 to Large Tattoo (20cm x 20cm) - from $360
  • Buy 2 receive the 3rd free
  • X Large Tattoo removal –POA
  • Combination of Tattoos – POA


LED light lounge session - from $60



Teeth whitening involves lifting and lightening stains on the enamel of your teeth, to make them whiter. Teeth whitening will lighten the existing colour of teeth by many shades, however can only achieve a shade as light as your natural teeth colour.

Teeth whitening involves oxidation reaction that breaks apart the staining compounds and lifts them from the teeth.
Using a led teeth whitening machine accelerates the teeth whitening gel, causing it to react faster when breaking down stains.   The use of the led teeth whitening accelerator lamp speeds up the process of the molecular breakdown of the whitening gel which makes the oxidization of the stains occur more rapidly.

1 hour session $145


Laser skin treatments are for specific skin problems and enhancing the skins radiance and promoting a smooth glowing complexion. 


  • Full Face 20min - $150
  • Half Face 15min - $90
  • Quarter Face 15min - $65
  • Full Back 30min - $200 -$300
  • Full Chest 20min - $200 - $250
  • Per spot - $15


  • Full Face 20min - $150
  • Half Face 15 min - $90
  • Quarter Face 15min - $65
  • Per spot - $15


Full Face20min - $150
Half Face 15min - $120
Quarter Face 15min - $65
Decolletage 30min - $100
Neck 20min - $90
Hands 20min - $80
Per spot - $15


Full face 20min - $150
Half face 15min - $90
Quarter face 15min - $65
Decolletage 30min - $100
Full face and Decolletage 45min - $200

Per spot - $15

Full face, Neck, and Decolletage - $250


Carbon creme/China Doll Facial

 Ranging from $250

Suitable for all skin types

The China Doll laser facial is a unique laser skin rejuvenation treatment that targets acne, blackheads, open pores, oiliness and collagen production to reduce wrinkles, brighten and tighten the skin. The China Doll Laser Facial is suitable for men and women of all ages and assists people with pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, dull or poor skin tone, large pores and helps to lessen the premature signs of ageing.